Approach fail is the result of two possible issues:
 1. Debris in the build tray or on the surface of the build platform restrict the build platform reaching it’s destination.
 ** Ensure the platform and build tray are clean. 
2. The calibration screw is not sufficiently tight. If the build platform can move during printing it will cause obstructions.
 **Ensure the calibration screw during the Set Zero Position calibration is tightened sufficiently.
If the error above still presents, perform the following:

1. remove objects from build platform 
2. remove build tray 
3. go to maintenance / Zero Position Encoders / and zero the encoders (refer to User guide) 
4. go to Control > Vertical axis > and move down the platform to 0.000 mm height 
5. go to Maintenance > Zero Position Encoders > please check the values shown If the values shown are within +/- 0.002mm – Printer is calibrated well. Restart your build. 
**If the values shown are outside the above acceptable range (e.g. 0.100) – Printer is not calibrated.

If the printer is not calibrated, perform the following: 
 a. go to control > vertical axis 
b. move build platform to a height 1.00mm
c. remove build platform and then re-insert it 
d. Push build platform onto Build platform holder (see image) 
e. Push build platform to right side (see image)
f. Screw Build platform release knob tight. (see image) 
g. Go to ‘Set Zero Position’ and perform calibration. 
h. Ensure calibration screw is tight. 
When removing the build platform and re-inserting follow the steps outlined above.

By following this guide you are positioning the build platform in the same location each time which can remove the approach fail error message. If the error message still presents then contact us