Commencing a build when there is solid debris in the vat can cause damage to the vat film. 

Debris can result whenever: 

1. A part has failed to print correctly.

2. A model breaks during fabrication. 

3. Resin in the vat is exposed to light. 

It is prudent to check the vat bottom for any solid debris before every print. Do this by wiping resin away from the bottom of the vat with a piece of cardboard (a business card is ideal). Any cured debris can be aggregated by blanket exposing the build envelope with UV light from the projector. 

The following procedure should be used:

1. Go to Control > LED from the Main Menu and press the “Start” button on the LCD screen. Allow exposure for approximately 20 seconds or until a firm layer is achieved, then switch off the LED by pressing the “Stop” button on the LCD screen. 

2. Remove the vat from the machine. There will be a cured rectangle of material adhered to the vat bottom. 

3 Place a finger on the underside of the vat film at a corner of the cured rectangle. Your finger will provide support for the next step. 

4. Use a piece of cardboard or plastic film to slide under the edge of the cured rectangle and lift it off the Teflon film.